Harmony Organized provides boutique-style professional organizing with interior styling. Equally important to each project are both the organizational and design elements that blend style and function into a beautiful, maintainable showpiece in your home. 

Specializing in Stylized Organizational Systems for:


Children's Spaces



Home Offices

New Home Organization

Owner-occupied Home Staging

Professional and non-judgemental service

Harmony Seiter Professional Organizer-Utah

Meet Harmony


A mom of three, I understand how hard it can be to keep on top of things in our homes and our lives. When our spaces are organized it's easier to keep a tight schedule without feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, or rushed. Organizing isn't a talent but a skill that can be built with practice. Sometimes life is busy, things get disorganized, and it feels too overwhelming to tackle the task all on your own. My skills can help you get your space under control and transformed into an easily maintainable system so your newly organized home can stay that way. My goal with each project is to help make it possible for you to maintain your new organizational system and take the skills you've learned to declutter and organize other spaces in your home. 

I hold two Bachelor's Degrees from the University of Utah and have actively volunteered in my Saratoga Springs community for the past seven years. I am focused and driven and bring that energy to every project I work on. I believe in compassion, and promise that all my time spent with you will be non-judgemental and confidential. I enjoy helping others transform their rooms and homes into beautiful, functional, and organized spaces. It would be a privilege to be invited into your home to help you with your next organizational project.

"Absolutely amazing results that actually LAST! I have attempted to organize my pantry in the past but eventually it always returns back to the chaos I began with. Utilizing storage bins, labels and a functional layout has not only kept everything organized and easy to find but has actually reduced my grocery bill since I am not buying double of staples that have been misplaced or dealing with moldy bread that got stuck in the back of a shelf. Putting groceries away was always something I had to do so I could hope to find what I was looking for when dinner time rolled around, but now my kids can do it and I still know where everything is!"

                              -Amanda G.


"Unbelievably good! Not only is my office organized it is also cute and functional. Harmony completed the impossible on this one!"   -Jen Y.

"Harmony came into my home and organized my craft room. I can’t thank her enough! She put everything in order and I can be proud again when anyone comes around to browse! She doesn’t waste any time, she gets started and goes to work. I am very happy and will call her again if needed! Thank you Harmony I couldn’t do it with out you!" -Sheri C.

"Impressive results! I love to organize but was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff in my girls playroom. Harmony Organized came up with the best solutions that are cute and functional for Mom and kids. We were able to use storage bins I already had to save on the total cost. I couldn't be happier with the results. I'm so excited to tackle the next room." -Angie C.

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