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professional organizing services

Why Hire A Professional?

Hiring a professional organizer may seem like a "last straw" move, but many people from corporate executives to stay-at-home parents find it helpful to call in an organizer to help throughout their homes. Ever try to get the garage organized enough to pull in two cars, but can't just seem to get it done? Or wish you could find a way to keep the kids toys contained and looking nice? How about an office with too many papers to sift through, or a kitchen that just doesn't seem to function as well as you'd like. A professional organizer can help in any or all of these areas. In just a few sessions you'll see a major difference, far beyond tidying up, that can help you lead a more productive life. Harmony Organized is here to help with difficult decisions, and take the stress out of the decluttering process. Remember that organizers are different from housecleaners, who come in tidy up and leave. Professional organizers offer consultations, visits, and follow-up to help you develop functional organizational systems and develop long-term strategies to keep you organized. If the thought of organizing a space in your home leaves you feeling overwhelmed or even panicked, we can help and coach you so keeping a space organized won't feel like an impossible task.  If you're unsure whether you want to move forward with a professional organizer give us a call! Phone assessments are free and meant to help you decide if you want to move forward. Ask any questions you might have and receive honest helpful answers.

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