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rustic wood art I'm changing things up a bit today and showing you how I made this quick and simple pallet sign for my master bedroom. A couple weeks ago we painted our master bedroom. Man do I hate painting. Like, really HATE it. It’s the worst. BUT, I do love a newly painted room. Our bedroom used to be painted a kind of soft, but dark, hot chocolate color. After the last coat went up (seven years ago…) I said, “Ya. I’m not feeling it. Not my favorite.” And then it stayed like that because, well, I hate painting—a lot. I think we went over that already. Keep up, will you? Fast forward nearly seven years to May 2016. We were wandering the isles of Home Depot on a Friday night, because for some reason our date nights always have a stop at that store. Go figure. Anyway, wandering Home Depot when we find some paint on clearance. Hmmm…”Maybe we should repaint our room finally,” I say. “OK,” says my ever agreeable husband, Jon. So we buy the paint and we bring it home. There it sits for an entire month. Pestering me. Making me feel guilty. Reminding me of my absolute hatred of painting. So we pulled all our painting equipment out and put it in our bedroom. Where it, too, sat. For another two weeks. You get the point, right? We mastered the art of procrastination. Finally we grabbed the ladder, scaled the 10 foot walls and painted.

master bedroom Ahhhh….now it’s lovely. And the new paint smell makes me feel like my house is nice and fresh. I don’t know about you, but with me it always seems like one project leads to another. My husband likes to joke he’s going to write a book, “If You Give a Wife a Paintbrush”. I want to be offended by that, but he’s totally got me. So here we are a few days in and I’ve purchased a new side table and have my eye on a couple night stands. I mean, seriously, look at the picture again. We’re still using TV trays as night stands that we bought about 6 months after we got married….nearly 16 years ago. Anyway, good thing the paint was on clearance, right? The wall with my chairs and my new side table looked sad and lonely with the bright new color on the wall so I had to find something to complete my little sitting area. Unless you don’t watch TV, look at Pinterest, or go the store you probably know about Joanna Gaines, HGTV's Fixer Upper, and Magnolia Market. Who doesn’t love her and her cute style? So…while I was touring houses in the Parade of Homes her stuff kept popping up here and there and it always caught my eye. So, naturally, when I wanted something new for my wall I thought I’d go check it out. I found this adorable wall art.

Magnolia Market Inspiration

magnolia market
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  I know! It’s totally cute. It’s also totally $120 and my empty wall wasn’t worth that much to me. But man, did I like that sign. I decided I was going to try and recreate it at home. Lucky for me, my handy husband loves to craft with me…as long as it involves his power tools. So I showed him the picture, told him how I wanted to adjust it for our wall, and off we went. First, we already had a pallet. Score. He brought it home from work about a month ago and it’s been cluttering up my garage and driving me crazy. I love a good pallet project, but I hate not having a home for things. I think I need to get a shelf for pallets…anyway, we decided instead of buying a single sheet of wood we’d use the pallet. A table saw, some staples, and some internet magic later and I got this.

Create your wood sign using an old pallet, wood planks, or a smooth sheet of wood

pallet wood sign

I liked the planks at an angle but just decide how you like it best and go for it. Originally I had thought horizontally to mimic the shiplap look that kind of defines that “Fixer Upper” style. Either way would have been adorable.  If you like the angled planks cut out a template from cardboard in the size you want.  Line up your planks  and place the template on top at the angle you like best. Mine is at a 45 degree angle. Draw your template onto your board. Now you have the perfect cut lines to create your plank canvas! Using a staple gun with heavy duty staples we secured the planks together.

Sand, Sand, Sand...then sand some more

quick and simple pallet sign A belt sander made sanding this sign much easier, but a regular power sander or sheer determination and time could get the same result.  After it was good and sanded I grabbed some left over white paint and watered it down by half to create more of a white wash effect. If you’re doing this start with a little water and continue to slowly add it until it’s the consistency that you want. simple pallet sign I pulled a Tom Sawyer on my teenager and convinced him that white-washing was fun. He was only amused for about 15 seconds…I don’t know how Tom did it, I better go back and read the book again. oSo, I took over and finished white washing. Depending on the look you want to achieve you may want to add additional coats.

Use pencil first for your lettering

quick and simple pallet sign After I let it dry (thankfully it was a crazy hot day so it didn’t take long) I penciled on the script. I used a t-square to make sure I had a nice, straight line before I began. Then I used a standard black Sharpie to draw it on permanently. Yup. Just a Sharpie. I am not an artist. Me and paintbrushes don’t really get along. wood sign frame pieces Once I had my sign how I wanted it, we used the table saw to rip-cut a 1x4 plank from home depot, and mitered the corners for a nice crisp frame. It was already pre-stained to look like barn wood. Home depot has realized the untapped market of the DIY girl and has several kinds of wood pre-stained to look old. Have I mentioned Home Depot is my jam? I would have never thought that would happen before we bought our first home, but man. I am a walking advertisement for the Home Depot.

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Not too long ago we whipped up this chalk board with some “blue pine” trim from Home Depot. This one cost $15 and literally only took 15 minutes to make. I love that I can find this stuff so easily. Hooray! quick and simple pallet sign We used a nail gun with small finishing nails to secure the frame pieces to the pallet wood.  All finished!  The only thing I had to buy was the wood for the frame. It was $10 and we only used half of the plank. farmhouse style wood signIt It looks so cute on my wall I couldn't wait to try it again! Don't forget to head over to instagram for your chance to win a rustic wood sign of your own!