Three Easy Organizing Projects

Today was one for the books around here! I had an opportunity to share some of my tips on Utah's Fox 13's The Place. It was a lot of fun to be in a studio, and talk about something I love to do. I bumbled through it a little bit, I'm not gonna lie. I had a lot of fun, and look forward to being able to do it all again. Practice makes perfect, right?! These quick and easy projects to organize around your home will build your motivation to tackle bigger projects later on. 

quick and easy ways to organize TV studio set

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I wanted to try and appeal to a lot of people's personalities for this first time on The Place. I came up with three easy ways to organize that you can really see the benefits of almost immediately. They are super quick and easy and you'll be wondering why you didn't do that forever ago! The best part is that they are simple! And starting with small, frequently used spaces really builds your motivation and helps give you the energy you need to tackle bigger projects later on.

Organize Your Car

It is so nice to have an organized car! Seriously, when you can just grab what you need and you're not pulling a ton of stale gum out of the glove box to get to the Advil you know is in there somewhere!  As women we spend a lot of time in our cars running kids around, commuting back and forth from work, and running errands. But usually we treat our cars like dumping grounds for everything. You can make your car feel like an extension of your home by setting it up into activity zones according to what you use most often.

Keep things like your cell phone charger, tissues, gum, and sunglasses within arm’s reach, like in your middle console. If you don’t have a middle console, or even if you do, these seat organizers are great even if you don’t have babies or kids. The pockets can help keep things off your floor and give you easier access to things you might need. Kid organizers can be filled with little things to do in the car. Wet wipes are a great idea to keep handy whether or not you have kids.

There are a lot of great, affordable options for your trunk too. Trunk space is ideal for emergency items, items to be donated, and other things like sporting equipment that frequently travel with you. These are great because when you need more trunk space for your groceries, or whatever, you can pull the organizer out and quickly free up space for whatever it is you need to transport. One last tip, take a minute before you get out of the car to collect garbage and throw it away, no matter where you stop. It will make your car look and feel like a comfortable place to be.

All three organizers I featured today were picked up for under $20 on Amazon. 

Seat Organizer Seat Organizertrunk organizer

Organize Your Snacks

I love keeping bins in the pantry labeled “kid snacks” or “treats” and filled with the snacks that you want your kids to choose from. Your family will know exactly where to go to find a snack and they won’t accidentally use something you needed for dinner, or steal the treat you were saving until after they went to bed! Do the same thing in the fridge for things like fruits and veggies, string cheese, and other snacks that need to be refrigerator. Some bins will crack in the cold temperature so you need to watch out for that. I love these fridge and freezer bins. It keeps everything contained but easily visible for you and your family. 

fridge/freezer storage bin

Having a system like this makes it really easy to have your kids be responsible for grabbing their own snacks before running out to practice or lessons. It also makes it easy for them to pack their own lunches in the morning. It can also save you money because you can take note of what you have before you head to the store so you’re not buying excess.

Organize Your Bookshelf

Out of the kitchen and into your kid's bedroom where you can get them involved in creating a fun rainbow bookshelf.. Organizing books by color makes it easy for little kids to put books away. I used to tell my preschooler to put her books away. She’d look up at me with her big, doe eyes and tell me, “I don’t know where they go.” I knew we needed to come up with a system that she could maintain. To solve that problem we took all her books off and color-coded them. So, have your kids pull all the books down and then work together to sort them by color.  It's a fun project to work on together on a rainy day spring day.

Creating a rainbow bookshelf also reinforces colors for younger kids, creates an organizing system they can maintain on their own, and develops a skill that they can use for the rest of their lives. Plus, you'll love the way it looks in their room. It’s fun and whimsical and serves a purpose. Check out my original post about color-coding kids books here.

quick and easy project to organize: color-coded books